Start Building Your Team for 2019

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Now that we’re only six months from the El Paso Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K, it’s time to start building your team for the 2019 races. 

The team competition, known as the Team Challenge, has become an important part of the Michelob Ultra El Paso Marathon, Half Marathon, and Up and Running 5K, all scheduled for Feb. 17, 2019.

The Challenge has really caught on with Borderland runners.

Last year, all races grew substantially in runner participation. A big part of that was the team competitions. 

The 2018 team portion of the El Paso Marathon (plus the half marathon and Up and Running 5K) reached its highest number of participants, growing 135 percent from prior year to 1,121 team runners. Team runners represented more than a third of all runners in the races.

Race organizers expect the number to continue growing in 2019.

Interest in team participation is growing as the competition options have increased. Teams now have various options for competing, which are generally grouped in either “Competitive” or “Social” categories. 

In the Competitive team competition, teams have the chance to win in the “Speedy,” “At Least They Finished” or “Average Joes.” 

The Speedy prize goes to the fastest team—finish times of the top five runners are added up, and lowest time wins.

The At Least They Finished award is for the slowest team. Again, at least five runners must finish in a race for the team to be eligible.

And finally, the “Average Joes prize goes to the team that finishes smack in the middle of all the teams. Not fast, not slow, but average. So if there are 20 teams competing, the 10th place team wins!

As for the Social competitions, teams can compete for the prizes for “Largest,” “Most Motivated” and “Best Dressed” team.

Largest simply means the team with the most registrants. Most Motivated goes to the team judged to have the most spirit, and the Best Dressed goes to the team with the best costumes.

In other words, with a little effort or creativity or just enthusiasm, your team has a good chance of winning! 

And to make it all better, once a team has 10 registrants, each member receives a $5 discount! (The first 10 registrants get a refund after the 10 registrations occur.)

So, what should you do to get your team going? First, if you’re the person to create a team, simply register and click Yes to the “Would you like to join a team?” question. Then follow the instructions for creating a team.

If you’re hoping to join a team that is already created, also register for any of the three races and then click Yes to the “Would you like to join a team?” The team’s name should appear on the options to choose.

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to get moving. Register. Form your team. And most importantly, start training!

And remember, when you sign up as a team, each member gets a $5 discount. And if you sign up by August 31, you’ll save $20 for the marathon ($15 for the half, $5 for the 5K) by registering before the price increases.

Happy training! And go team! 

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